We pride ourselves in being able to work with a great group of highly experienced tutors.

Here are some of the wonderful people we have here at That Little Craft Shop.

Clare Richards is the founder and business owner of That Little Craft Shop. Not only does she run a great little shop, but she also tutor’s classes in Powertex and Hand Stitching.

Living in her home village of Dunster with her husband and two children, Clare comes from a family with a creative mum. Even though she enjoyed art and textiles at school Clare went onto pursue a career in pharmacy. Unfortunately, many years later Minehead was about to lose its only art shop, The Daisy Chain. This inspired Clare to have a complete career change and opened up her very own shop on the 1st November 2014, the beginning of That Little Craft Shop. However, she has not looked back since and now cannot imagine not having the opportunities of being creative every day.

Clare’s love for teaching allows her to share her passion for crafting with others, helping them gain confidence with their skills and abilities. Because of this passion, it enables her to think outside the box to overcome obstacles and being able to solve people’s challenges.

The question was asked who or what inspires her creativity?

“Anything and everything can be inspiring, it can come anywhere and anytime. For art, I love walking in the countryside because we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area with so many views, colours and weather conditions. Every season has its beauty and I like to reflect this in my work. When teaching I find inspiration from my students as everyone views things differently so it’s great to share ideas”.


“Always clean up after you’ve finished, it’s always harder to find the enthusiasm later! If you struggle to fit art or craft into a hectic life, join a group so that you have a dedicated time for you to get creative!”.


Chris Howe is one of our Artist’s who specialises in Watercolour painting and also sketching using pencils, charcoal, chalk etc.

Chris lives in Chipstable, Somerset having retired from teaching science in various parts of the country, this allows him to have more time to spend painting, plus cycling, (along with a fair bit of pushing) along the lanes of Somerset and Devon. His hobbies include Cycling, walking, sailing and cooking.

He started his artistic flare when he attended art classes in London but always enjoyed sketching and painting.

We asked him what is his purpose of teaching?

“I paint the landscapes of Exmoor looking for light in scenes which helps to give a watercolour impact. It is very encouraging and satisfying to be able to pass on this skill to other painters, both beginners and more experienced. Seeing people producing work they are proud of is always very fulfilling. Important for me is making the learning fun”.

Who or what inspires your creativity?

“I am inspired by the countryside on Exmoor and around my home. The painters who inspire me the most are Trevor Chamberlain and Ann Blockley”.

Any tips?

“In watercolours look for the light and breakdown any complex scene into something simpler. It will be much more pleasing on the eye and also a lot simpler for you to paint!”.


Laurence Brown is an artist with over 30 years of experience.

Laurence tutors our regular 6-week art course covering subjects such as still life, landscape, seascape, portraits and local scenes. He uses a variety of mediums from watercolour, gouache, acrylic to charcoal and chalk pastel creating various styles of naturalism, impressionism, realism, abstract and surrealism within his work.

Laurence Brown is now based in Watchet and has been running local art workshops for the past six years. He has attended art schools and workshops up and down the country and has also sold works in Bristol, London, Birmingham and the South West. In addition to painting, he plays table tennis, belongs to an archery club and enjoys touring the UK. (weather permitting).


“I have had a passion for painting and artwork from an early age, although lacking both ability and encouragement, the passion would not subside.
I worked at it, first with charcoal, then oils, watercolour and finally pastels. Along the journey, I met others who had not enjoyed early encouragement, or indeed had been criticised for their efforts and I began to feel the need to help. I started my art workshop in Watchet in 2013 and have seen some amazing results from those who had been convinced they could not paint or draw. To witness the transformation in both ability and confidence is so rewarding I have become firmly addicted to teaching”.

Jenny kindly teaches Papercraft workshops here at That Little Craft Shop. Living local in Minehead allows her to provide her class with regular lessons in this creative hobby.

Jenny started her love for Papercraft back in 1992 when she attended the Royal Cornwall Show and got herself a small starter box for Parchment Craft. She found herself hooked and has never looked back since. No matter when or whether life gets a little stressful or simply needing some downtime, this is her ‘go-to’ craft, as well as playing the piano, reading or art!.

We asked Jenny what her purpose in teaching is?

“To take people on a journey of self-discovery, finding friendship, imagination and creativity along the way producing little works of art that they, their families and friends will treasure. I want everyone to have the opportunity to find what I found in paper, paint and ink!”

Who or what inspires your creativity?

“The countryside, people’s appreciation, trying different techniques, the challenge of making something ‘different’, learning new techniques”.

Any general info about you?

“I am left-handed and for many years I believed, like so many others, that I was incapable of anything artistic or creative. Taking up Papercraft as a hobby, made me realise this was not true, we all have a huge capacity to be creative and artistic. Through using a simple piece of paper and card I have found friends, a community of likeminded people and an ongoing appreciation of items I produce.  I just love it! There are so many techniques and styles even after all these years I am still learning”.


“First rule of Papercraft… permit yourself to enjoy yourself, Second rule of Papercraft … there are no other rules!.

Alison Bonner is our expert tutor in wire wrapped jewellery. With Alison living in Minehead, she started out doing a jewellery workshop right here at That Little Craft Shop. With continued practice and improvement, she took the step of starting her very own little business where she can sell her beautiful items in local shops and at market stalls in craft fairs.

Alison feels her purpose of teaching allows her to pass on the knowledge that she has gained whilst having fun in a social environment. This in turns lets her watch her class then create wonderful jewellery pieces they can walk away with pride.

We asked her what inspires her creativity?

“I am partially inspired by nature and I try to include this as much as possible within my work”.


“Practice as much as possible and enjoy what do”.


Samantha Hewlett is one of the tutors who offer learn to crochet classes from complete beginners to those who just want to sit and get some handy tips to expand their creations. Living in Minehead, when Sam isn’t teaching crochet or managing her own business, she enjoys being able to head out walking, gardening, cooking and winemaking!.

We asked Sam what her purpose was of teaching?

“To pass my knowledge on to people so they can make useful, beautiful items to wear/use for themselves or family and friends.”

Who or what inspires your creativity?

“Both my parents are creative people so I guess I inherited my love for making and upcycling things from them. I also get lots of ideas from Pinterest.”

Any general info about you?

“Born in Taunton Musgrove, I lived in Street until my early twenties, then spent a couple of years in Newbury before moving to Bournemouth to then return to Somerset 8 years ago looking to return to a quieter life.

I set up my business Hooked on Hobbies in Feb 2015. I make and sell crocheted items and also some other crafty items at local craft fairs. I also take on commissions such as 50 large crocheted snowflakes for a local winter wedding.”


“If you are struggling to hold a crochet hook the way a book shows you do not worry just hold it how it feels most comfortable to you.

If you are making a garment always do a tension square. I know it may seem like a waste of time and wool but I will make sure that your garment fits.”

If you would like to see Sam’s Hooked on Hobbies page, pop over to her Facebook page and look at the wonderful creations she does.