What is Powertex?

A question many people ask. Powertex is a water-based liquid sculpting medium that is versatile, acid-free and importantly environmentally friendly. Powertex gives form and structure to various materials such as fabric and cardboard. Additional products, such as stone art and colour pigments allow you to create amazing indoor and outdoor artwork. From creating garden sculptures, artwork, jewellery and statues, the addiction with this craft will get your creative thoughts flowing.

Our very own in-house qualified tutor and business owner Clare has all the creative skills and knowledge to guide you with getting you off to a great start. We stock a great range of Powertex products. From Powertex mediums, power colours and pigments to the tools, figurines and varnishes to help you create your very own base kit.

Powertex Universal Medium

Did you know that the universal medium has three main functions; widely known as a fabric hardener but is also used as a paint and a glue? It can be used just on its own or as a combination in any of these functions.

Using Powertex as a fabric hardener

Using it as a fabric hardener is done either by applying it to the material with a brush or using your fingers and dipping the fabric into the liquid, working it into the fibres. You then mould the fabric into a shape, wrap it around the object you are working on or just attach to any surface you want to use. Once dry (either by air drying naturally or by a source of heat) the fabric will become completely solid.

Using Powertex as a paint

Powertex is a great medium to work with. You can use it with brushes, fingers, pour, pallet knives, sponges, canvases etc and anything that you wish to use. It is also a great base on general craft projects as it gives a protective coat. The range comes in various colours so the choice is endless and then you simply add colour pigments to spruce up the look.

It’s use as a glue

Powertex is useful as a non-toxic water-based glue. You use it either straight from the bottle or with a brush to the area you want to glue together. Powertex comes in a transparent version which is more useful if you want the glue to look like ordinary crafting glue.

Our classes are very popular and are a great base for you to give this interesting and creative class a go. However, due to its popularity, we do recommend you book your space in a class well in advance so as not to miss the opportunity of getting hands-on and messy!.