We have a great range of clay’s in stock for all types of modelling work. Our range includes air hardening clay, moulding powders, oven hardening clay and resins.

Here is a selection of products we have in our shop.


Das is a moist ready-to-use modelling clay, air dries to a hard, durable matt finish without the need for firing. It dries to a tougher and smoother finish than standard air drying clay and is soft and pliable. Poster paint and acrylic paints can be used once the clay is dry. Suitable for children.


Fimo Soft is an oven-hardening ‘soft’ modelling clay, which can be easily kneaded.  Models are very durable and strong after baking.  Each block is ready to use and blending is made easy.

In addition to individual coloured packs, Fimo offers modelling form & playsets for children to create which are great fun and also a perfect gift idea.


Newplast is a non-drying, reusable modelling material. It is easily pliable to make a wide variety of models, but firm enough to retain its shape. Newplast is the material known by many animators as being the best product of its type and is waterproof and oil-based.

Plaster of Paris

This is a moulding powder for model making and plaster casting in.  You simply add plaster to clean water, stirring to a creamy consistency. Set time is between 10 – 15 minutes.

A versatile sculpting material that is great for basic sculptures and craft projects due to its quick mix and setting times.