Pixel hobby is a fun and creative craft using mini mosaics that you assemble to create a picture. You can use either 2.5mm or 5mm pixel squares which you then put together on a hard baseplate.

Kits come in all sorts of options to chose from to make items such as keyring’s, magnets or simply just one large picture design.

Pixelhobby designs can range from animals, flowers, cars, hobbies and so much more. With each kit provided is the design, the pixel squares and the base that it will sit on. Whether you are making a keyring or a picture to frame, this fun craft is sure to get you hooked.

Design your own?

Pixelhobby has a great new feature where you can design your own pixelhobby pattern. Using their free online software, you simply upload a photo of what you want to create and the software will do the rest.