Free delivery in Minehead during lockdown

As some of you may know, we have been able to continue our business behind closed doors. We understand the need to occupy these uncertain times and this is where we can help you get creative.

If there are any products, items or ideas you need help with, we can check our stock so you can place an order of items you wish to purchase.

If you contact us either by email or through Facebook, one of us will be on hand to chat with you. Once we confirm we can accommodate your order request, we will arrange safe payments. This is done either by Paypal or bank transfer. When payment is successful, we will arrange safe delivery or collections of your order.

We are offering free delivery in the Minehead area of orders of £10 or more. We can arrange delivery in other areas and this will be done within other essential journeys.

Our idea is to ensure we utilise these very difficult times by offering our services and delivery to keep our community going. Whether it’s a project for yourself, children, relative or a neighbour, we are here to help! Therefore get in contact and let us get your creative side flowing.