Felt is a textile that is made from condensed and pressed fibres. It is made from natural fibres such as wool or fur or synthetic-based fibres like acrylic.

We stock felt on the rolls for general crafting hobbies along with needle felting wool, merino wool and toy stuffing. We also have the accessories to go along with it. From foam pads, needles to teddy bear eyes and noses, we have a range that will help get you started.

Needle Felting

Needle Felting is a craft where you transform wool into a 3D object using a barbed needle. Along with a needle you will need roving wool or similar and a surface. Often a sponge or a foam pad works best to stab away at the wool.

It’s begun by rolling up a small amount of wool and stabbing it with the needle. By stabbing it over and over, this pulls the wool into itself and locks itself into a firm shape. Once the basic shape is in place, this gives you your starting to point to then create whatever sculpture you are looking to do.

Needle felting kits are also a great option for someone to try their hand at this fun crafting project. We have a large range of kits which are all suitable for beginners. Fully loaded with the tools, the instructions and pattern, these are perfect for everyone. They make great gifts if you know someone who has thought about having a go.


We are lucky to work with a local tutor who teaches several varied needle felting classes here at our shop.

Lorraine Tilsley is great with teaching beginners or people who experience the basics of a design she is creating. From Easter eggs to hares and penguins, her skills will cover all aspects and will even get you putting your twist on it.

Head over to our Events page to take a look at the current classes we are holding