Charity Knit & Crochet

Our Charity Knit and Crochet Group consists of a wonderful group of ladies who dedicate their time on a Tuesday to come and knit away all for good causes!. This is a social group who have great community spirit by knitting or crocheting items. These are greatly appreciated by the charities and places that receive their items.

Whether it’s a teddy, a blanket or baby items these ladies skills are invaluable to our community.


In 2019 our group got to showcase their skills in the local BBC News Somerset. BBC Somerset launched an appeal via social media on behalf of a local hospital. They requested any knitting groups to help in creating blankets for people with Dementia. So Clare stepped up and contacted them and advised that our Tuesday group are more than willing to assist in knitting blankets.

Several weeks later these ladies made a huge load of blankets. The first boot load not only consisted of the blankets but in addition to that it included 52 teddies as well!. They didn’t stop there they continued with what they love doing. The group were able to send off lot’s of these over the few months which made a great difference to those who needed them.

During this time, the opportunity rose for BBC Somerset to come and film our Charity Knitting group in action. A great promotion of the work this group does and the hard work they carry out for such great causes.

This group is open for anyone to attend and is willing to sit and knit away. We can offer hooks, needles and wool all free of charge to use in the class. Therefore if you think this could be for you, do pop in and have a chat with us.

We are always grateful for any donations of leftover wool etc you may have lying around and no longer use, it all gets used towards our fantastic charitable projects.

Dementia blankets

Do you know a knitter? A hospital is asking people to make dementia blankets 🧶

Posted by BBC Somerset on Thursday, 14 March 2019